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Hello! It's been a minute (which I also think I started my last blog post with that exact same statement... whoops). I thought I would share with all of you wonderful bloggers why I haven't been using this blog as... Continue Reading →

5 years

Five years. It seems like such a short time ago when you say " 2012," but feels like forever ago when I think of what I was doing then and how much I've done since. In 2012, I was a... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Dinner Party

Hello! Long-time no blog post. I've been in the mood to write and had some spare time today to sit down and put together a post. This is one I've really been wanting to do since I saw onĀ 50 Things... Continue Reading →

Time off

Hello! This seems like a weird post to be making considering I only just started blogging, however I thought I would update you guys on life since finishing blogmas. Blogmas was so much fun and I loved being creative and... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Dec 25: Organizations & Charities to Donate to

For blogmas today, I thought I would put together a list of organizations & charities that you should consider supporting (if you can)! I find Christmas has become so commercialized and a great way to give back is to researching... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Dec 24: Mincemeat Tarts (Suet Free)

Homemade baking: Mincemeat tarts (suet free)!

Blogmas Dec 23: Vegetarian Xmas Menu

Vegetarian Xmas menu for December 25th!

Blogmas Dec 22: Clothing Haul

Clothing haul [Pictures]

Blogmas Dec 21: 10 Great Movies I Saw In 2016

10 great movies that came out in 2016!

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