Hello! It’s been a minute (which I also think I started my last blog post with that exact same statement… whoops). I thought I would share with all of you wonderful bloggers why I haven’t been using this blog as much as I had originally intended. It’s a big one!


Well, I got a job! Two actually! I’m working until the mid to end of May with a local business and then at the end of May, I’m going to be travelling to Africa to participate in a year long internship! Every time I write it out, I still can’t believe it’s happening..

So as you can imagine, a lot of my time since end of february/beginning of march has been spent working full-time and also getting ready for this crazy and amazing adventure.

I also started another blog which I’ll be using to document what’s going on before I leave, while I’m there and after at the end of it. I was thinking I would use this blog, rather than create a whole new site, but after contemplating it, I decided to go with a site that’s a bit more professional and that I’d keep the two separate. Plus, I’m thinking I’m going to keep the other blog more organized and only about the upcoming experience.


Any ways, my hope is that I’ll periodically still be writing and updating this blog (but since in my last blog post I did that and kind of failed hardcore, I don’t want to make any promises).


I hope you’re all well! Talk soon & happy blogging.