Hello! Long-time no blog post. I’ve been in the mood to write and had some spare time today to sit down and put together a post. This is one I’ve really been wanting to do since I saw on 50 Things To Blog About blog post by Fat Mum Slim. There are so many interesting celebrities that I would love to meet (although I’ve met a few of my heroes recently and I feel too cheesy to tell them how much I appreciate what they’re doing, so who knows if I would actually talk during this dinner party haha). But anyways, enjoy and make sure to comment down below who you would invite to your own celebrity dinner part!

  1. Hugh Jackman – I have been a fan of Hugh Jackman for the longest time. Let’s be honest, he’s super attractive, he’s also a great actor and seems so loving towards his wife. Definitely the first person I would be inviting to my celebrity dinner party.
  2. Anderson Cooper
  3. Barack & Michelle Obama – dream team to have at a celebrity dinner party.
  4. Gina Rodriguez – She just seems so cool and friendly and wonderful and encouraging.
  5. Norm Kelly – He’s a Toronto City Councillor and has THE BEST twitter account. Go check it out @norm.
  6. Viola Davis – QUEEN.
  7. Emma Stone
  8. Anna Kendrick

It would be a small party, but they guest list would be killer. Let me know your thoughts. Who would you invite?