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Blogmas Dec 20: Travel Bucket List

Bucket list - Places I want to travel to before I kick the bucket.

Blogmas Dec 19: Pot Pie

Delicious (and simple) pot pie! Perfect for a dinner party or home cooked family meal!

Blogmas Dec 18: Ultimate Xmas Playlist

The ultimate xmas music playlist!

Blogmas Dec 17: Festive Drinks

Festive alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Blogmas Dec 16: Women Who Inspire Me

Read the list of women who inspire me (famous&fictional)! Happy blogging!

Blogmas Dec 15 Pt. II: Baking Fail

Blogmas Dec 15 PtII: Baking Fail - Maple Mixed Berry Muffins

Blogmas Dec 15 Pt.I: Christmas Serial

Video: SNL's take on the podcast Serial.

Blogmas Dec 14: Get to Know Me Tag

Get to know me!

Blogmas Dec 13: The positive of 2016

The perfect blog post to follow up the one where I described how cr*p the past Β year was is to write one about the positive and fun things that happened. They're a few photos I've put together from fun days... Continue Reading →

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