This year my family isn’t doing the whole gift giving Christmas thing, so I figured if I don’t have to spend on them, why not spend on myself? I hadn’t gone shopping in a really really long time (even the kind where you know exactly what you need and just go in, get it and leave). So a few weeks ago, I drove down to the closest mall to where I live and had a few hours to mull around. I had a list of things I needed/wanted to get but it was all pretty basic stuff – a pair of comfortable jeans (my favourite pair had ripped), some tops (dressy & casual), a vest, etc.

I thought I’d write a blog post about it because tbh, hauls are my favourite thing to read and to watch on youtube. Maybe I’m nosey, but I really like seeing what other people have bought and giving me some inspiration of my own.

I didn’t think I would buy as much as I did especially having no income, I tend not to spend more than $20/$30 an outing. But that day the mall must have known I was coming because everything I bought (literally everything) was on sale and not just pennies on sale, big time on sale. I was so chuffed with my savings and managing to get everything on my list that I left there feeling so positive (although I think I could hear my visa card screaming).


Top Left: Joan Vass Studio from Sears $16.99

Bottom Left: Femme by Tresias from Sears $14.97

Top Right: Harvé Benard from Sears $19.97

Bottom Right: Free People from the Bay $88.80


Left: Old Navy dress $$27.96

Right: As U Wish from Sears $49.99


Old Navy Vest $18.47

As you can tell, I have a thing for floral patterns.

I bought a few other things that day too (like candles from Bath & Body Works and a suitcase) but they weren’t clothing related and weren’t as exciting for me as buying some new clothes!

What are some of your favourite stores to shop in?

Enjoy & Happy blogging!