Hello! My name is Laura and I’m 23. And that’s about all that I have to say before I get uncomfortable talking about myself.

I’m just kidding (slightly, I guess). I am currently doing nothing besides applying for jobs so I thought with some spare time on my hands (don’t tell my parents that I’m not applying to jobs 24/7), I would try blogging. Also I excessively use parenthesis soooo I’m sorry.

I live in Ontario, Canada, not in an igloo but I do love snow and all things winter (except icy roads – there I go again with the parenthesis). I enjoy the company of animals more than humans (see featured image). I struggle with the difference between effect/affect, then/than and other words similar to that. I studied in the environmental field, so there may be some ramblings about that. I love cooking (for other people) and baking so my blog may feature a bit of that as well.

I think that’s a brief, yet lengthy enough of an explanation about myself without giving too much away. Read my first blog post for more information.


Thanks for reading & happy blogging 🙂

Ă€ tantĂ´t!