The perfect blog post to follow up the one where I described how cr*p the past  year was is to write one about the positive and fun things that happened. They’re a few photos I’ve put together from fun days I had or memories I made in the year. Enjoy & happy blogging!

January 7th, 2016

I woke up way very very early to go skiing with my dad. The sunrise on the way there was so beautiful, we stopped to take a picture.


April 9th, 2016 

I went to this hipster coffee shop and had the best latte I’ve ever had. Plus the latte art on top it was so beautiful.


August 12th, 2016

Omg. The. Best. Thing. Ever. I went with some friends to this doughnut shop in Ottawa and we took a girl from France to experience it. We were 5 and we ordered 12 doughnuts and it was so amazing (and also filling but so worth it). My favourite had to be cookies and cream (top left), peanut butter crunch (bottom left) or the yellow one which I think was mango (bottom 3rd from the left).

Aug 12.jpg

October 23rd, 2016

I went on a trip to Sedona, Arizona and San Francisco, California after my contract ended. It was such an amazing trip – I got to relax, de-stress and see a part of the world I haven’t seen yet. The hiking was pretty amazing too.


November 11th, 2016

I drove two hours with friends to see Niagara Falls. I hadn’t been there since I was little and the two people I went with had never seen it. It was pretty chilly but a lot of fun exploring.

nov .jpg

À tantôt!

P.s. I took all of the photos except the featured image – it was take from here.